Trump at 38% in Latest National Poll

The latest from NBC News shows Trump with a staggering 38% of support nationally among Republicans. The margins are widening as the voting gets closer.

Report from NBC News:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remain national front-runners for their party’s nominations less than three weeks before the Iowa caucus, according to a new NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll released Tuesday morning.

The online poll of registered voters shows Trump with 38 percent support among Republicans, with Ted Cruz receiving 20 percent and Marco Rubio receiving 11 percent.

No other Republican garners double-digit backing. Ben Carson remains in fourth place at 9 percent; Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul each clock in at just three percent. Carly Fiorina, John Kasich and Mike Huckabee all received two percent support.

Trump leads among each of the major age, demographic and income groups. As in previous polls, his backing is strongest with men (40 percent), seniors (44 percent), those with a high school education or less (44 percent), and those with an income under $50,000 (41 percent.)

He’s leading among all demographic groups, that is a massive achievement. The Republican establishment is seriously in for a run at this point. They’ve tried to knock him down yet the polling keeps getting stronger.