Trump USA Today Op-Ed: My Nomination Would Increase Voter Turnout

On Tuesday in USA Today, Donald Trump wrote a column exploring the ways his candidacy, similar to that of Reagan, would produce a larger than normal voter turnout. There’s no doubt he’s entirely correct, just look at the poll numbers coming out that show an enormous appeal across the spectrum. People are sick of Washington and they’re sick of the parties running things into the ground. Trump can bridge that divide.

Here’s an excerpt from USA Today:

Reagan won the general election with one of the greatest landslides in presidential election history. He won re-election the same way. How in the world did that happen when he struggled to gain acceptance with the mainstream of the party? He did it through getting Democrats and independents to come out to vote for him. At that point in history, many of them felt abandoned by their parties, so they were willing to sit on the sidelines. Reagan gave them a reason to come out to vote. Reagan, through his optimism and force of will, convinced Americans that our best days were ahead of us. Best yet, he made good on his word.

Today, the American people are looking for a leader who will give them a voice in their government and a sense of pride in their country. They are tired of being lied to, and they are tired of seeing their country diminished — not by outsiders and foreigners — but by their very own political leaders. If the leadership of the country cannot take pride in the nation, how is it expected that others will recognize and embrace American exceptionalism? When the American people find someone who speaks their language and who they think can deliver on his word, they are going to flock to him, regardless of their political alignment.

Read the entire column for the total of Trump’s argument. It’s a solid reasoning, especially considering we’re looking at the same powers in 2016 that Reagan was facing in 1980.