Must Read: Ted Cruz Likely a Massive Fraud

Troubling information continues to trickle out of the backstory and history of Senator Ted Cruz and his momentous rise to national recognition by winning his 2012 US Senate election. From unreported loans, misusing money from donors, flagrant buying of Iowa politicians, or the most massive Super PAC conglomerate of any 2016 candidate, something is not right with the Junior Senator from the Lone Star State.

The information comes in the form of an open letter to radio host Mark Levin, authored by a conservative campaign consultant named Lauren Stephens. In the letter, Stephens explains her transformation from an early supporter of Senator Ted Cruz over to a supporter of Donald Trump based on the startling and revealing information she has compiled and analyzed. The main crux of the letter aimed at Mark Levin is to open his eyes, and eyes of others, who seem to be blindly following Ted Cruz as an honest, conservative candidate now in the running for the 2016 Republican nomination.

I urge you to read the entire letter to get everything in context. Here are some excerpts, the full letter is available online here:

Let us all remember, Ted Cruz and his wife first lied when they said they cashed out everything they had. There is a very big difference between liquidating your assets, and getting a loan.

If you go to this story from 2013, you will see that not only was he on the record as making that claim (as he has made numerous times before), but there is also an audio clip of them (on the left side of the page).

“Ted Cruz recalled saying to his wife in the weeks before his Senate primary, when he was still behind in the polls, “Sweetheart, I’d like us to liquidate our entire net worth, liquid net worth, and put it into the campaign.”

“What astonished me, then and now, was Heidi within 60 seconds said, ‘Absolutely,’ with no hesitation,” said Mr. Cruz, who invested about $1.2 million — “which is all we had saved,” he added — into his campaign.”

Mr. Cruz is an Attorney, as are you. You both know the definition of liquidate. He lied. He lied in order to deceive people. He lied so he could get their money. He lied because he wanted the public to believe that both he and his wife had all the faith in the world in him.

Ironically, even Mrs. Cruz seemed uncomfortable with such a lie, as she tried on several occasions to change the story.

And some more…

As you can see, he reported loans. He reported them back then. He reported them on time. So that Sir, is another lie that he continues to tell to this day. He didn’t forget anything. What he did was lie to the FEC, claiming they were personal loans from his personal money. He had no choice. That is what he told the public he did. Additionally, he never filed ANY loan documentation, which is a requirement no matter WHAT the loan source is.

Now, he wants us to believe that he is “forgetful”? That his legal and compliance team are inept? That his Treasurer might be crooked?

If this is the case, then he has NO business seeking the Presidency of the United States.

How much did Ted Cruz pocket by charging the campaign interest on that loan? It is an allowable practice and I want to know the answer. I believe the American people deserve the answer.

By the way, the public needs to understand that the money was paid back, however, it was paid for with campaign donations, not his own personal money. The Cruz’s were out nothing.

And some more…

The issues that I discovered with Ted Cruz run way deeper than this. While you and others continue to slam Trump for donations to RINOs, Ted Cruz has been a major donor to RINOs himself. We certainly don’t hear about that, now do we?

Ted Cruz’s Leadership PAC, the Jobs, Growth and Freedom Fund, which he is directly in control of, has been handing out RINO money since he took office. For this cycle though, despite the fact that he has plenty of money in it, the only money he has been handing out is to… you guessed it – Iowa lawmakers. Click here for that. No pandering to see here folks! Move along!

Let’s take a look and see whose palms he was greasing in the 2014 election cycle shall we? Click here to see the list.

Hmmm, is that John Cornyn’s name I see on that list? Joni Ernst? Dan Sullivan? Yep. And once again, he greased every Republican palm in Iowa, didn’t he. That is what career politicians do. That is something that you, Mr. Levin, stand against.

The deeper I dig, the more I don’t like.

Although Ted Cruz runs on a social conservative, evangelical platform, this is yet another deception. When Ted Cruz had the opportunity, THE opportunity, to nip gay marriage in the bud – did he? Nope, he turned and walked away. And what he chose NOT to fight for, is the exact case that led directly to gay marriage. You can read more about Lawrence vs Texas right here. You can read Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s response, right here. It sums it all up.

Mr. Trump may have, at some point, supported gay marriage, but he certainly isn’t the one responsible for it being law in this country.

I am very disappointed by all the people who now own Ted Cruz, including his Super PACs. From the get-go, Donald Trump made it clear to others that he was adamantly opposed to Super PACs, and in fact, he sent letters to them, demanding they cease and desist.

Why won’t Ted Cruz stand up against this? Why does Ted Cruz allow these PACs to exist on his behalf? Is it because he receives a lot of money from Citizens United, the organization responsible for the existence of Super PACs? If I am not mistaken, I believe there are more Super PACS and corporate money backing Cruz than any other candidate. We cannot deny that Cruz is heavily influenced by a lot of wrong people.

Please, read the entire article and render your own judgment. I also kept a PDF version of the entire letter in case it disappears which is available here. (PDF)