Media Laments “Unconventional” Trump Security Cabinet

The most unconentional candidate running the most unconventional campaign winning the most unconventional election is using unconventional people and methods to fill his cabinet level positions? Tell me why CNN is shocked again?

Trump’s sweeping victory assures he really doesn’t need the advice from CNN or anyone. But here’s their take on it:

Donald Trump’s transition is being marked by sharp internal disagreements over key cabinet appointments and direction, both for internal West Wing positions and key national security posts, sources involved in the transition team tell CNN.

One source with knowledge of the transition described it as a “knife fight.”

We’ve watched Trump over the course of the campaign. He likes healthy competition within his trusted circle to figure out where people really stand. When all is said and done, his national security team will be made up of the best people and his cabinet will be an all-star team for advisers.

More from CNN:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence, the new leader of the transition operation, will be at Trump Tower in New York Tuesday to meet with Trump and discuss possible nominees.

The divisions are being played out as Trump considers key appointments in the national security and diplomatic sectors, including secretary of state, with mainstream conservatives supporting John Bolton against Rudy Giuliani, who is seen as a loyalist to Trump.

Bolton is an excellent choice, I’m sure Rudy would do great there, but he is an “unconventional” choice. Either way, Trump will make the right call and put the right people in the right positions.

WSJ provides some more background on possible picks: