DACA Tweet Puts Congress on Notice

President Trump sent out a DACA tweet taunt to Congress this morning which confirmed the end of the DACA program. Furthermore, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stated that the DACA program instituted by President Obama amounts to executive overreach, and that the Trump administration would be working toward an orderly wind down of the ill-fated Obama order.

First, the brilliance of Trump’s DACA tweet itself is why Donald Trump won the election:

Details from the New York Daily News:

The Trump administration announced the end of the DACA program Tuesday, putting into question the fate of nearly one million immigrants who depend on the program to live and work in the United States.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the decision after President Trump essentially confirmed it in a morning tweet.

Sessions denounced DACA as an executive overreach and said the administration would work on an “orderly” wind-down of the program while Congress has time to replace it with a new immigration policy.

Democrats are going to be a headache over this, but maybe it’s the Republicans who are criticizing the President we should be more concerned with. Why does it seem that whenever a decision is made that benefits the American people, some Republicans just can’t get on board?

The tears of anyone in Congress who seems upset by this decision should be redirected back at themselves. Sessions was right, calling the move by Obama an “unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch.” Congress couldn’t act, so that enabled President Obama the window he needed.

President Trump is simply putting an end to the lawlessness, and if Congress can’t decide to do anything about it, tough cookies. The program has to end, and the graciousness of the President to even allow Congress time to fix the issue is probably more generosity than is required for something so outrageous.