Dear Dreamers: If You Don’t Support the Border Wall, Get Out

With the news that the Trump administration will be ending the unconstitutional DACA program enacted by President Obama, there are a boat load of these so-called “Dreamers” who are hoping congress will re-instate their temporary amnesty, and make it permanent. One idea floated has been to provide some kind of legal status, but also allocate funding at the same time to build the border wall and complete the President’s border security plan.

The Daily Beast reports that the majority of Dreamers would rather the program expire, than actually include funding to secure the border of the country they supposedly want to be a part of:

President Donald Trump’s decision Tuesday to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy opened the door for legislative deal making. And no proposed trade has been more widely discussed than one in which Trump gets funding for his beloved border wall in exchange for permanent legal protections for the so-called DREAMers.

There are just two major hitches: Democrats aren’t biting and, more significantly, neither are DACA recipients.

Those recipients, along with immigration reform advocates, have been lobbying lawmakers to reject any deal that would result in a border wall, Capitol Hill aides and activists have told The Daily Beast.

The DREAMers have done so despite the fact that such an arrangement would directly ensure that their legal status was no longer in limbo after Trump announced he would scrap the program that President Barack Obama began via executive action in 2012. And it’s not just in the halls of Congress where they’re stressing that point.

“I’m not going to step on top of my community to get ahead,” said Jose Aguiluz, a D.C. native who was brought by his family from Honduras when he was 15 years old and who received his DACA status in 2012.

Of course you’re not, Jose, because you wouldn’t dream (pardon the pun) of stepping on YOUR community to get ahead, but you’re perfectly fine with an open border that forces tax payers to flip the bill for your illegal alien family. Newsflash, Jose, if you really want to be a citizen of this country, then we are your community, and you owe us big time. You could be deported right now, Jose, but you were spared because of President Obama’s decision to write his own laws. Furthermore, it is nothing but the graciousness of the American people alone that you have the opportunities that you have, Jose.

If “Dreamers” want to live here, but don’t want to secure our borders, then they should self-deport back to the third-world country their family came from, it’s that simple. We are a nation of laws, and we have a right and a duty to protect our citizens which means we can control who comes into the country at any time, in any way. If you, Jose, and your Dreamer friends, don’t respect that, then get out. Go be a citizen back in your community, not ours.

There are millions of immigrants around the world who would love to be here, but they’re on waiting lists a mile long and going through the process of coming here legally. You, Jose, jumped the line by way of your parents. So instead of trashing our laws and trashing our right to secure our country, maybe you should just say “thank you,” and be on your merry way. Because unless you are willing to pick up a gun and fight for this country, that you want to live in, you have no right to tell us how we should secure it.