Russian Collusion Story Dies as CNN Runs Out of Lies

Did anyone notice the disappearance of the “Russian collusion” narrative from your cable news screen? It seems that after repeated embarrassment, CNN actually ditched the story because they could not longer continue turning out the scoops based on lies and rumors. As a result, the largest Russian spigot in the media seems to have dried up – for now.

If you’ll recall, the insanity reached a pinnacle when CNN published a story based on anonymous garbage about a Trump associated having ties to a Russian hedge fund. Nothing in the story could be proven and three CNN “journalists” lost their jobs over the matter. Well, as it turns out, that was the straw that broke the fake news camel’s back.

The New York Times, of all places, actually reports on CNN’s decision to withdraw most of their fraudulent investigators from the story because it has made their entire operation look like a joke:

In the weeks since the story was retracted, the investigative team has been reshaped and redirected. Its members were told they should not report on perhaps the most compelling political story of the year: potential ties between the Trump administration and Russia. That subject is now largely handled by CNN’s reporting team in Washington. The political whizzes of KFile, a group of Internet-savvy reporters poached from BuzzFeed that was untainted by the retraction, were transferred out of the investigative team.

The remaining team members have resumed publishing, but with a narrower reporting scope; they now focus on topics less glamorous than Mr. Trump’s potential ties to Russia, like the opioid crisis and the environment.

Created to enhance CNN’s brand, the group had instead left it bruised, and the mistakes intensified the onslaught of attacks against CNN from Mr. Trump.

Is anyone surprised? When you as an organization attempt to advance a false narrative based on anonymous sources and information that can’t be corroborated, you tend to create your own minefield of lies. CNN, which used to be “trusted” (haha), has now turned into a machine of partisan hackery the likes of which MSNBC could only dream of. In fact, it must feel pathetic to be even more pathetic than Chris Matthews, but that’s the state of CNN.

The Russian collusion narrative suffered from a basic lack of provable facts. Not a single screaming Democrat could point to an actual crime, nor could a single blathering CNN analyst say anything beyond conjecture or talking points. There was no “there there,” and the media has known it for months. It took the embarrassment of CNN to bring the story to a screeching halt.