A Democratic Senator is on Trial for Corruption, But You Wouldn’t know It

As the trial for New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez kicks off, you’d barely know he was even being charged with anything if you stuck with the usual Washington Post or CNN. In fact, the mainstream cover-up media has been working hard to conceal Menendez’s party affiliation whenever it is forced to actually acknowledge the story.

The Washington Free Beacon has pointed out how all the major network newscasts have ignored a sitting United States Senator currently on trial for various charges of corruption and malfeasance. If you want a comparison, just look back to the corruption trial of Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, who was eventually acquitted. Media outlets had a field day painting Republicans as corrupt and never ever forgetting to include McConnell’s party affiliation in their coverage.

In fact, via the Free Beacon article, here is the rundown of the three major newscasts on the day the trial started:

“CBS Evening News” led off with a story about Hurricane Irma, followed by:

Houston’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey
Trump’s $1 million donation for Harvey relief
The latest on Trump’s cancellation of the DACA program
Trump’s deal with Democrats on raising the debt ceiling
Violence in Chicago
Hillary Clinton’s upcoming memoir on her election loss
Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett’s claim of police misconduct in Las Vegas
Safety ratings for pickup trucks
Wildfires in the western United States

“NBC Nightly News” also began with Irma, followed by:

FEMA’s financial struggles to keep up with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
Republicans blindsided by Trump’s deal with Democrats
Western wildfires
Michael Bennett
A shoplifter in Texas escaping handcuffs and stealing a police car
The latest on the U.S. Open
A young boy who got a police escort to school after his father, a cop, died
A woman making her wedding registry about donations to others

“ABC World News Tonight” began with Irma, followed by:

Trump’s deal with Democrats
The latest on DACA
The Texas shoplifter’s escape
Michael Bennett
Facebook revealing $100,000 in political ads bought by fake accounts based in Russia during the election
A safety recall on dressers
Jo Dee Messina revealing her cancer diagnosis
A plane flying by Hurricane Irma

If Bob Menendez was the Republican Senator from New Jersey, he probably would have been the lead story. Luckily, when you do commit crimes and abuse the power of your office, it’s good to be a Democrat and have the entire media establishment running your public relations cover-up.