Trump to Ryan and McConnell: You’re Useless

How many years has the GOP been campaigning and collecting money on the back of the ObamaCare repeal? And Mitch McConnell can’t get it done in the Senate? The guy doesn’t deserve his job any more than Paul Ryan does in the House. Those two clowns are part of the problem on the Republican side. The Democrats are a lost cause, but they can be used to show GOP leadership that their brand of do-nothing politics will no longer fly with those of us who demand action in rolling back years of progressive policies from the Obama administration.

As Pat Buchanan says, Trump has dumped the “do-nothing” Congress, as Congress continues to neuter itself:

But the congressional gridlock that exhausted the president’s patience may prove more serious than a passing phase. The Congress of the United States, whose powers were delineated in the late 18th century, may simply not be an institution suited to the 21st.

A century ago, Congress ceded to the Federal Reserve its right “to coin money (and) regulate the value thereof.” It has yielded to the third branch, the Supreme Court, the power to invent new rights, as in Roe v. Wade. Its power to “regulate commerce with foreign nations” has been assumed by an executive branch that negotiates the trade treaties, leaving Congress to say yea or nay.

Congress alone has the power to declare war. But recent wars have been launched by presidents over congressional objection, some without consultation. We are close to a second major war in Korea, the first of which, begun in 1950, was never declared by the Congress, but declared by Harry Truman to be a “police action.”

In the age of the Internet and cable TV, the White House is seen as a locus of decision and action, while Capitol Hill takes months to move. Watching Congress, the word torpor invariably comes to mind, which one Webster’s Dictionary defines as “a state of mental and motor inactivity with partial or total insensibility.”

Result: In a recent survey, 72 percent of Americans expressed high confidence in the military; 12 percent said the same of Congress.

McConnell told voters, just give him the majority and he could repeal ObamaCare and enact a pro-growth agenda. Where has it been? President Trump isn’t going to sit by any longer and let these stooges train-wreck his presidency because they can’t get anything accomplished. The Democrats are willing accomplices looking for any kind of inroads they can find. It’s time to start using them as proof that Trump means business for the people who elected him.

Let me be clear (to borrow Obama’s phrase), I don’t care if Paul Ryan gets re-elected. I don’t care if Mitch McConnell gets re-elected. I hope they both get primaried and run out of their office by the grassroots. They are relics of the past decade and serve as monuments to GOP failure in action. They give lip-service to primary voters, then do nothing of what they campaigned on. They will now sit by and watch as things happen and they’re dragged along kicking and screaming.