Republicans Need Trump More Than Trump Needs Republicans

Here’s a friendly memo to Republicans in Congress and elsewhere: You’re holding majorities in both chambers and the White House thanks to Donald Trump. You worked against him every step of the way during the primaries. You constantly questioned his fitness for office, questioned his commitment to the American people, and questioned his business acumen. Why, may I ask, do you feel you are owed anything from Donald Trump as President?

There is only one relationship that matters, which is the bond between the President and the people who elected him. Keep in mind, Senator McConnell, that those tho elected Trump are the same people who probably voted for you last time around. I see you approval rating is hovering below twenty percent, so you tell me why Donald Trump owes you anything?

Republicans have had months to pass a ObmamaCare replacement, they couldn’t do it. Now they’re grumbling that they don’t think tax reform will be easy to do or something they can get done in ways that Trump wants it done. Why even bother coming to work then?

This story in the Washington Post illustrates this entitled attitude from the GOP:

But this time, some Republicans say he went too far. He made a deal with Democrats.

It’s not a big deal, mind you, just a procedural agreement to postpone budget wrangling for three months. But because Trump sided with Chuck and Nancy over Mitch and Paul, combined with his tweeted attacks on the Republican Senate leader and Stephen K. Bannon’s threat to back primary challenges to Republican senators, there is suddenly talk of civil war within the GOP.

Republican lawmakers booed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney when they tried to sell Trump’s deal with the Democrats. “It’s just a betrayal of everything we’ve been talking about for years as Republicans,” former senator Jim DeMint, an influential conservative, told Politico. [Emphasis added]

It’s a betrayal? If you want to know what betrayal is, let me explain. Betrayal is watching a party raise money and promise to repeal a terrible healthcare law that costs people thousands of dollars every year and reduces the quality of our healthcare system, yet they somehow fail to repeal it. I feel personally betrayed and I think millions of other people do as well. So, Senator DeMint, get down off your betrayal high horse and do what you and other Republicans promised to do for the last seven years.

Excuse me if the President wants to get something done rather than hold a leadership position in Washington but continually grovel that everything is impossible to do. The Republican establishment, probably even more than the Democrats, wants Trump to fail. It’s very clear, and Trump has called their bluff.

Why would establishment Republicans feel this way? It seems absurd to even say it, but there are plenty of reasons. First and foremost is that Trump embarrasses them, and put them to shame during the election when no one in the Republican primary field could beat him. Trump has no time nor respect for people like McConnell and Ryan, who complain often, and accomplish little. In the private sector, they’d be fired or demoted in favor of someone with leadership skill and a desire to make things happen.

Did Mitch McConnell think the GOP was going to magically win some concessions in another debt ceiling fight when they’re proven time and time again they have no ability to win anything? Maybe this time they’d get some spending cuts in the deal, good luck, Mitch. The debt ceiling is a red herring which Republicans try to use as leverage and always fail, because they lack the backbone to win.

Cast it aside and move on. If McConnell and Ryan continue whining about Trump’s agenda, then sorry, get out of line and let someone else have a turn.