Trump Calls for Expanded Travel Ban Following London Terror Attack

Of course he wants to widen and strengthen the travel ban, any sane human being would feel the same way as we watch innocents slaughtered throughout Europe at the hands of these barbarians clutching their Quran. There is nothing mean or “racist” about it. Never mind that Islam is not a race, but that’s another issue for an other day.

President Trump responded sternly this morning on his twitter account and hit all the important points:

The last one is important, as it is still amazing to me that so many elected leaders around the world still refuse to see the threat of Islamic terrorism right before their very eyes. People get murdered and they say, “well, we won’t give in to terrorism.” What does that even mean? We can’t protect ourselves? We can’t be proactive and hunt these people down? We can’t watch for suspicious behavior to prevent mass-murder? What does it mean, exactly? And when do these people take responsibility as enablers of terrorism when they do little to nothing in response while their citizens are sitting ducks?

Some reporting on it from Fox News:

The president’s tweets come after a fire at a London subway station on Friday, which sent at least 18 people to hospitals. London’s Metropolitan Police said the fire has been declared a “terrorist incident.” Police said it was caused by the detonation of an improvised explosive device.

In an early morning tweetstorm, Trump slammed political correctness, as he once again made the case for his travel ban which continues to be fought out in the courts.

“My thoughts are with those injured at Parsons Green and emergency services who are responding bravely to this incident,” British Prime Minister Theresa May said Friday.

However, former chief of staff to May Nick Timothy on Friday called Trump’s “loser terrorist” tweets “unhelpful.”

“True or not—and I’m sure he doesn’t know—this is so unhelpful from leader of our ally and intelligence partner,” Timothy tweeted Friday.

Really? So to insult the murderers on twitter is unhelpful? You don’t think it’s about time the free world starts fighting back on social media since ISIS seems so good at using it against us? The President should speak harshly and condemn terrorism at all opportunities. Europe is in the toilet when it comes to fighting against the threat that now lives among them.

President Trump is one of the few individuals in power who isn’t afraid to call them out and call for security measures to actually protect America, not weaken it.