Dear Republicans: Repeal ObamaCare Already!

Why is this still even an issue? Why can’t Mitch McConnell and his cronies get this done. Why is Rand Paul standing in the way of step one when it comes to repealing this atrocious health care control law known as the Affordable Care Act? President Trump is trying, and has continued to make it a priority. But you’d also think that a national political party which has campaigned on the repeal for seven years now might have their crap together to get it done with majorities in both chambers.

The President was very clear today on twitter:

Couldn’t agree more, Mr. President! Keep the pressure on the swamp and get this thing done! Start dismantling the federal takeover of health care and make something happen!

The problem is that Republicans lack the backbone to do what they said they were going to do. I don’t understand it at all after we just defeated the Clinton political machine and put Donald Trump in the White House. Who cares what late-night comedians think? They don’t answer to the American people and they don’t get to set healthcare policy for 300+ million Americans!

The current Graham-Cassidy bill is not the best option in the world when it comes to repeal, but it’s not the worst. Given the RINOs in the Senate like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, the issue seems to be funding of the nation’s largest abortion mill. Why these two feel the need to ensure Planned Parenthood has the money to continue trafficking in baby body parts is beyond me, but it’s sickening to watch it unfold. Rand Paul is holding out to be the one who demands the purest form of ObamaCare repeal, which just isn’t going to happen.

Take this opportunity now. Begin dismantling ObamaCare. Stop sending taxpayer money to the abortion industry. And take one step forward in the fight!

Memo to Senator Paul: Vote YES and then work towards greater repeal when the GOP wins more seats in 2018!

If Republicans can’t/won’t achieve one of their signature campaign promises, why are they even a party anymore?