Corker And Flake Should Resign Immediately

Here’s a friendly memo to Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona and Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee: If you can’t help move the President’s agenda forward without berating him and helping the Democratic Party, then you need to resign immediately. Neither one of you will face a good chance for re-election since the voters in each of your states put Donald Trump in the White House by wide margins.

I know, your outrage is so righteous and pure, which is why you, Senator Corker, waited until now to unload on the President when he passed you over for a cabinet position. You even endorsed him in 2016 and campaigned for him, but now you can’t bring yourself to support the America First agenda so you have turned on him. There is no loyalty among the swamp.

Ans as for Flake? Well, sir, how are things going in your home state of Arizona?

Not good, apparently. The President is moving the country forward and advancing the agenda the people sent him there to enact. Yet, we have Senator Flake sitting pretty with an 18% approval rating screaming from the sidelines getting nothing accomplished.

The President is entirely correct in this statement:

The Bobbsey Twins failed and would have likely faced a primary defeat just like Rep. Eric Cantor did in Virginia. We the people are sick and tired of politicians like you. Neither one of you would have even attacked the Democrats as much as you’re attacking the President of your own party. You’re demonstrating part of the reason why Donald Trump was sent to Washington.

So, Senator Flake and Senator Corker, do the honorable thing. Resign now, and let someone else be elected or appointed who does in fact support the America First agenda. You two, as far as I’m concerned, are just part of the dam that keeps the swamp full.