Paper: Liberal Media “Delusional” Over Trump’s Support

A great opinion piece in the Kansas City Star from a reporter explaining to his colleagues in the coastal media why his fellow citizens of Iowa continue to support President Trump so strongly. The piece is witty and sarcastic, pointing out the sheer ignorance of the liberal media elites who can’t stand Trump – and can’t understand why the rest of us love him!

Here’s a link and an excerpt:

Given that I live in Iowa, The Des Moines Register, The Chicago Tribune and The Kansas City Star are among my favorites as well. I also try to catch a variety of broadcast news organizations over the course of the evening. Being ADD, Twitter presents an endless buffet of delightful and distracting news commentary and stories.

I’m learning that President Donald Trump continues to offend, make missteps, court World War III and faces isolation in the face of the worst presidential polling in history. That he faces possible impeachment, or removal from office when his cabinet invokes Section 25 of the Constitution. I learn that the Republican Party is in disarray and may never recover. In this chaos commentators are speculating just how many Democrats will gain seats in the House and Senate and if it will be enough to take over one or both bodies of Congress in 2018. Possible Democratic candidates for president are being vetted for 2020.

This is delusional.

Here in conservative rural America, Trump is ascendant.

Keep in mind the author of this piece, Robert Leonard, is no Trump fan. He is, however, one of a handful of journalists who plainly understand why Trump is so popular and is desperately trying to warn his industry about being so tone-deaf when it comes to reporting on the President.

Lenoard concludes with this:

So, big media, keep up the great writing, thoughtful analysis, logic and reasoning. And fact checking. But, remember here in Trumplandia, you won’t change any minds. The cultural fissure is too deep, and relates to fundamentally different worldviews with respect to freedom and the nature of man.

Given so, Trump’s sinking poll numbers are irrelevant. My conservative friends will vote for a fence post before they vote for a Democrat.

Keep preaching to the choir, coastal media elites. Continue to predict the downfall of Trump in 2020 if not before, and great victories for Democrats in congressional races in 2018, and we’ll see if it works. That’s my hope. I fear, however, such stories will only lead to complacency among the Democratic electorate.

Every time Trump is attacked by the New York Times or the Washington Post, his disgust for the media is justified and the importance of his presidency is solidified in the heartland of America. The coastal media is an embarrassment as they try to figure out why Trump has such appeal. It is like we live in different countries, with different understandings of American culture and freedom. They write Trump off every time he says something they don’t like, and it’s pathetic.