Trump’s At His Best When The World’s Against Him

If you look at the news right now, it seems glum for our Commander in Chief. He’s got the media attacking him for whatever he does, he’s got a rogue special prosecutor investigating a phony story, and he’s got Republican losers in his own party fighting him at every turn. His opinion polls are down, they say, so he should do a focus group and see if he can tweak his tone to fit the moment.

Nonsense. It’s all nonsense. Trump is always at his best when his back is against the wall. We watched it during the course of the campaign in 2015 and 2016. We’ve watched it since his inauguration this year. When the going gets tough, Trump seems to thrive. The reason for this, in my opinion, is his gut instinct. It has carried him to this point, and won’t fail us moving forward.

Trump victory

How many times was his candidacy declared “dead.” Too many times to count. His presidency was over before it begin, yet here we are in the middle of staggering economic growth, and the fight day by day to return power to the people. Trump wins over time, because we the people have his back.

This time, right now, is no different. Navigating the legal battles within the Russia collusion hoax is messy, and it has ensnared Paul Manafort despite having nothing to do with the original intent of Mueller’s investigation. To that point, Trump is already on the winning end. Months of investigation and the best Mueller could do was find financial crimes from some guy trying to hide money on his tax return years ago.

We the people support President Trump. We will continue to support President Trump. We want the President to succeed. Anyone who gets in the way of that agenda is working against the American people. That includes the media. That includes the deep state. And that includes a good portion of the Republican Party.

The fight will be long and difficult, but not without benefit for America. We must take on this fight. We must support the President. We must make America great again!