Trump Slams DOJ: Go After Hillary!

Ever since Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, things have been fairly stagnant at the Department of Justice when it comes to following up on the numerous misdeeds and high crimes of Hillary Clinton (and President Obama). We know for a fact, from the mouth of former FBI Director James Comey, that crimes were committed by Hillary using her private email server, yet we still have no action on that subject.

The President is doing what he can to put public pressure on his Justice Department in that regard:

He’s right! We DO deserve it! We deserve justice be served to Obama administration officials who used the IRS for political purposes. We deserve justice when the ATF, under Eric Holder’s direction, ran guns into Mexico in a botched attempt to curtail Second Amendment rights. We deserve investigations and answers to many things, including everything the President mentioned.

We certainly deserve answers for all the misdeeds of the Clinton Foundation and the foreign donations during her time as Secretary of State. These people are only above the law if the government allows them to be. So far, little is being done to resolve these matters.

Is anyone following up on the testimony that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured former FBI Director James Comey on the Clinton email investigation? That’s a major bombshell. But the media ignores it, and the swamp moves on.

We the people deserve answers! We demand answers! We deserve to know what kind of criminal activities were being covered up under the prior administration. The Swamp protects itself, and we’re still seeing that happen today. The President can only do so much to influence his own Attorney General.

It may be time for Sessions to step aside, and let someone with no ties to any prior investigation fill his spot. Then let them go forth and re-open these files and find the crimes.

As was often said during the campaign: “Lock her up!”