Election Day 2017: Trump Backs Gillespie in Virginia

The political world is watching the Governor’s race in Virginia, and President Trump has been expressing his support for Republican Ed Gillespie. As a resident of Virginia, I can tell you I voted for Corey Stewart in the GOP primary, however, this morning, I gladly voted for Ed Gillespie to start taking back the Commonwealth from the progressive race-baiters.

Some of the President’s tweets in support of Gillespie:

The President is right! Virginia is a competitive race and even if Gillespie wasn’t your first choice in the primary, it’s time to back him and time to push Virginia back toward a conservative path.

Polls are open until 7pm ET tonight! If you live anywhere in Virginia, make sure you get there and push back against the awful racial campaign being run by the Democrats.

Remember, if you support the President, own a truck, have a Gadsden flag license plate, or fly a rebel flag, it means you’re a white supremacist who wants to hunt down children according to the Democratic Party in 2017.

If that doesn’t get you to the polls to shutdown Ralph Northam and the despicable tactics of the progressive movement, the nothing will.