1 Year Ago: Donald Trump Shocked The World

Remember what was happening exactly one year ago? It was Election Day in 2016, and Hillary Clinton was the sure-winner heading into the evening. Then, something happened. Donald Trump won all over the map and launched a revolution among the political class that is still reverberating to this day. One year ago we did it, we put Donald Trump in the White House. Never forget the difficulty and resolve it took for him to keep going, and keep fighting. He was attacked constantly, at every turn, by his own party, and yet, he continued fighting.

Here is my favorite montage of the “experts” who said it couldn’t be done:

And it goes on…

And yet, at the end of the night on November 8, 2016…

It’s still unbelievable to me at times that we overcame the political establishment in both parties to put Trump in the White House. The Republican primary was awful, and other candidates were bitter and angry that this non-politician was putting them to shame. Remember Jeb Bush’s outbursts? Remember John Kasich’s righteous indignation that we were all too stupid to make him the nominee?

I would cast my vote again for Donald Trump in a heartbeat. The rest of them would’ve got beaten by the Clinton machine. Can you tell me that Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush would have won in Pennsylvania? Nobody saw that coming, except Trump.

We the people made the decision to reject the political class, and install a new kind of leader. A leader that promised to put America First.

We’re with you, Mr. President!