We Finally Have A President That Loves America

The President is currently on fire during his trip to Asia, hitting on all cylinders, and representing American interests like we haven’t seen in the past few decades. Whether it’s Japan, South Korea, or China, the President hos spoken honestly and respectfully about reclaiming what has been lost in America over many years of bad trade deals, and poorly structured agreements.

Doesn’t it feel good to be proud of the way your President stands for America on foreign soil? I know it does for me.

Here’s a snippet of what’s going on in China, from CNBC:

Speaking in Beijing on Thursday, President Donald Trump said he will work to address what he described as unfair practices from the Chinese that have led to a mismatch of benefits from U.S.-China commerce.

The president was quick to note, however, that he did not blame Beijing for having been able to get away with those practices: “I give China great credit,” Trump said.

“This relationship is something which we are working very hard to make a fair and reciprocal one,” the president said. “Trade between China and the United States has not been — over the last many many years — a very fair one for us.”

Trump pointed to the “huge” annual trade deficit his country has with China, which he described as “a number beyond anything what anybody would understand.”

He’s right, and it’s going to change with the right American leadership in charge. China is doing what it is supposed to do for the Chinese people. For too long, we haven’t had an American President willing to do the same for our citizens.

We will have stronger relationships with many countries after years of President Trump. The simple reason is because he values loyalty, and we have many allies around the world that were shunned by President Obama. President Trump is making them feel valued, and making them feel as though America appreciates their loyalty, which is key to building stronger partnerships of mutual benefit.

China is a tough one, but I know the President will represent America’s interests throughout the course of his presidency.