Trump’s Asia Trip Massively Successful Despite Media Lies

President Trump is wrapping up his trip to several Asian countries and by all accounts, the trip was a smashing success for the President. America had a strong representative on the world stage, and he earned a great deal of respect from other world leaders. The summary of Trump’s message? America will be your ally, but we will no longer be taken advantage of. That is the attitude which has been missing from our leadership for years.

Here’s a interview with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski that aired on Fox News this past Saturday which highlighted the absurdity of how the liberal media covered the trip:

That clip points out the pathetic nature of the media today. The non-scandal over the Japanese koi pond feeding is enough to make you puke on the floor it’s so dishonest and terrible. When they can’t find anything of substance to attack the President, they will find the most dishonest and made-up stories to peddle their insanity and feed their brain-dead viewers.

The American Spectator is one of the few outlets that has compiled a glowing story highlighting the President’s list of successes from the trip. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

They applauded because Trump treated them with respect, and he praised them for besting the Americans. Asians don’t often get that from Westerners. Certainly it is a first for an American president.

You won that round, he told them. We’ll work harder on the next one.

My understanding is Asians want to save face. He gave them that. They can now lose the next round without humiliation because, hey, they won the first round. Fair and square. Without Russian meddling.

Today Trump is in the Philippines — which banned Obama last year.

CNN failed to catch any of this. The self-proclaimed leader in world news doesn’t know jack about anything outside Atlanta, New York, and Washington.

If President Hillary Clinton had made this same trip making the same moves, the news would be about how much of a tremendous leader she is. Trump serves us as a competent and strong leader putting America first, and the media hates that, so they trash his success.