Can We Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Again?

For the past eight years under the Obama administration, the White House has downplayed the celebration of “Christmas” and sacrificed it on the alter of political correctness. For years the policy angered millions of Christians (and non-Christians) who actually do celebrate Christmas and saw the move under President Obama as a way to minimize the Judeo-Christian founding of the United States. In fact, the Christmas cards from the Obama family never even used the word “Christmas.” Instead, “holiday” was the preferred, politically-correct term.

As President Trump said in a speech back in October, “we’re saying Merry Christmas again:”

Under President Trump, things have already started off on a better foot. Just yesterday, the White House Christmas tree was delivered and it was a sight to behold. Here are some pictures and videos of the event:

I love feeling that sense of pride knowing that the First Family appreciates the meaning of Christmas and takes pride in ceremonies like this. No apologies needed, no words of “context” necessary, just a Christmas tree. I really can’t wait to see what the First Lady does with the decorating. I’m fine with keeping with the Trump tradition and covering it in gold tinsel, gold garland, and gold ornaments. Maybe a gold-plated star on the top with gold-twinkling lights. Either way, let’s make it shine!

Yes, America, we can say Merry Christmas, and we can say it loud and proud. Christmas is as American as apple pie and we should be celebratory and thankful for true true gift of Christmas, which is Salvation through Christ.