Historic: Trump Returns Federal Land to States

Most Presidents in modern times have done everything they could to grow the size and scope of the federal government. President Obama spent 8 long years working to expand the reach and power of the bureaucracy while taking rights and land away from states and individuals in the process.

Well, the time to reverse that trend is now upon us. Western states have been clamoring for years, and rightly so, that the federal government continues to claim ownership over millions upon millions of acres in states like Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. The baseless reasoning for this is that the land should be kept pristine for generations to enjoy. We all agree with that sentiment, to an extent that is seeks to preserve land, but not steal it from states and private ownership and leave it in the hands of a faceless bureaucracy that can’t possible manage it all.

Just look at this map where everything in purple is literally owned and “managed” by the federal government:

Federal Land Ownership Map

Look at the states of Nevada and Utah in particular, the federal government practically owns the state. The feds do not have the resources to manage all this land, and it’s time that some of it be returned to the citizens of these states.

Enter President Trump, who spoke in Utah on Monday:

President Donald Trump arrived in Utah on Monday to announce that he is scaling back two sprawling national monuments, a move that is welcomed by the state’s top Republican officials but opposed by tribes and environmental groups.

Trump traveled west to announce his intention to shrink the Bears Ears and the Grand-Staircase Escalante national monuments. Both were among a group of 27 monuments that Trump ordered Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review earlier in the year in response to what the Republican president has condemned as a “massive federal land grab.”

Just how much land are we talking here? The numbers are staggering:

In December, shortly before leaving office, Obama irritated Utah Republicans by creating the Bears Ears National Monument on 1.35 million acres (2,100 square miles) of land sacred to Native Americans and home to tens of thousands of archaeological sites, including ancient cliff dwellings.

That’s an insane amount of land that most of us from more populated states can’t even begin to fathom, and yet with the stroke of a pen, the federal government can just take whatever land it wants, and you can go pound sand as a land owner or a state government.

Wyoming and others are waiting for their turn to win back some of their rights to land currently owned by the federal government. President Trump has many years left and we expect to see more and more of these orders to shrink the feds and empower the states.