Trump is Showing the GOP How to Win

I debated using the word “teaching” rather than showing, but the fact of the matter is that President Trump is actively demonstrating to weak Republicans in Congress how to win. Republicans always lose the political game of government shutdowns, and they usually lose on basically anything they try to take a stand for. President Trump is showing them how to fight back against Democrats and the media, regardless of what they throw at him.

For example, conventional wisdom has held that Republicans will be unable to overcome the “blue wave” heading for Congress in 2018. Well, that is old news when we look at the landscape today. Sure, Democrats have a historical advantage since party out of power often gains seats, but look at what is happening now. Democrats are actually considering running on a platform of repealing the massively successful Tax Reform legislation signed by President Trump in December.

Really? I’d love to see them argue how Americans should give back the “crumbs” they’re getting now like raises and bonuses. Let Nancy Pelosi explain how an extra $1,000 is basically the amount of change she finds in the cup holders of the fifteen cars parked at her three homes. When did Democrats get this far out of touch with reality? I think if we go back to the ObamaCare days in 2010 when it was being argued that “having health insurance,” even if it cost a fortune, was better than not having it. In other words, you’ll thank us later for your massive premium hikes and massive deductibles making the plans impossible to use. They bought into the socialist mantra of cracking a few eggs to make an omelet. Now they recoil when Americans keep more of their own money because it gives the government less power. That is the worst of the seven deadly sins according to Democrats.

Now we’re at the point where the GOP holds the cards, Donald Trump is playing the hand, and he’s playing it for the win.

Memo to Republicans: Let Donald Trump lead in 2018, and try to follow without screwing it up. You’ve probably never seen this before in recent politics, but it’s called “winning,” try to get excited about it and get excited about 2018. Don’t be the party in mourning, be the party of economic prosperity and renewed faith in America. Let the Dems run around parading illegal aliens as the constituency they care most about.