Trump: ‘Gun Free Zones’ Are Easy Targets

President Trump has been on fire with his staunch support for giving schools the tools they need to become safe places for students to attend by eliminating gun free zones. Gun control does not solve this issue since it can never guarantee that evil won’t find a way, or find whatever weapon is available to slaughter innocent children. The President has the right idea that in order to actually make schools safer, we need to let the schools be on offense against the wolf at the door.

When is the the last time you heard this line of thinking from the Oval Office:

I’m so thankful we have a Commander-in-Chief who sees the blatantly obvious problem of “gun free zones” as the equivalent of a killing field for evil and mayhem. We protect banks, malls, and government buildings with armed security, yet we send children to school being protected by signs that encourage violence because nobody will be there to end the shooting before it begins.

The President wants solutions, not empty gun control laws that do nothing. He wants schools to actually be safe. Unlike CNN and the Democratic Party (one in the same), the President cares about the children and wants to act on this issue.

Is there any common sense American who disagrees with the concept of hardening schools by letting trained teachers and staff arm themselves as a deterrent? It’s happening in some schools around the country.

Even the Democrats know that going hard on gun control is a losing issue, and President Trump is once again showing Republicans that standing up against the media and the left-wing gun control push is the way to win the conversation and win the safety for our schools.

Enough of the empty calls for gun control. Enough of the twisted blame against the National Rifle Association. Enough of Democratic politicians standing in the way of school security.

Other Presidents have failed to enact anything meaningful when it comes to school safety. President Trump will be different, and he will work on this matter with simple yet effective solutions that don’t erode our constitutional rights.