Trump: The Second Amendment Will Never Be Repealed

In response to retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ assertion that the only way to “solve” the gun problem in America is to repeal the second amendment, President Trump quickly shot back re-iterating his support for gun rights, as he often has.

The President pulled no punches in a tweet directed at Justice Stevens:

In a way, I’m glad Stevens let his mask slip and showed us the true intention of liberals and the Democratic Party when it comes to the right to self-defense and firearms ownership. They do not want piecemeal legislation aimed at limiting magazine capacity or raising the purchase age, they want blanket legislation that bans entire classes of guns and an outright gutting of our God-given right to self-defense.

Stevens’ op-ed was very, very weak, especially considering you’d expect a former Supreme Court Justice to come up with a stronger argument than the second amendment being “outdated” for our times. I would then ask Justice Stevens if other parts of the constitution will become “outdated,” like freedom of speech, or the right to assemble. Maybe there is a time when those things can be considered “outdated” since we have electronic communications now. Maybe social media has made free speech too volatile and dangerous, should we repeal that also? I’m sure you know what the answer would be. Of course not! We don’t sway to the whims of the masses when it comes to foundational, God-given rights.

Obviously we will not let this happen, and neither will President Trump. Let me just add my personal gratitude to Stevens for helping Republicans in 2018 and the President in 2020. There is no better way to motivate gun-owners and patriots than to start advocating the denial of a basic, God-given right to gun ownership and self-defense. In fact, if there was ever a reason for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire and make sure the Supreme Court will uphold the second amendment in coming years, now is the time to do it.