The Cohen FBI Raid Is An Attack On Our Country

The President has been furious over the past 24 hours as news broke that the FBI had raided the home, office, and hotel room of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen. To make matters worse, the raid came based on information gathered from Robert Mueller’s bogus Russian collusion investigation.

The President called it an “attack on the country,” in no uncertain terms:

Trump wasted no time addressing the raids when reporters entered the Cabinet Room where he was meeting with senior military leaders, starting his remarks by calling Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt” and a “disgrace.”

It’s “an attack on our country in a true sense, an attack on what we all stand for,” Trump said of the raids, which were first reported by The New York Times.

“That is at a whole new level of unfairness,” the president added. “This is now getting ridiculous.”

Two sources close to the White House told NBC News that Trump is furious and stewing over what is being perceived as Mueller forcing a provocative confrontation over the raid on Cohen’s offices.

There is no question that this raid is politically motivated by the Mueller investigation with every intention of forcing the President into a showdown. At this point, with the Russian collusion narrative thoroughly debunked, what else does the deep state have to keep attacking the Presidency and the sovereign votes of 62-million Americans.

Where is the accountability? Where is the limited scope of the Mueller investigation? There were specific allegations, with no evidence, of collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign. So far, there has still been no evidence that any collusion took place, or that Donald Trump and his associates were involved with Russia in any significant way beyond typical business dealings. What we have is a prosecutor justifying his existence hoping to indict people around Trump in an effort to sow seeds of unrest and find an unrelated process crime to drag before the American people.

End the charade, and clean house in the Justice Department. It’s time to demand that Mueller disclose anything he’s found, or disband the special counsel, because at this point, the country is being harmed by the daily drumbeat from liberal media outlets and partisan hacks inside the government.

We stand with you, Mr. President.