Trump Hammers Democrat Corruption at Packed Minneapolis Rally

The President was on fire Thursday night before a crowd of 20,000+ adoring fans. He was on point with his attack,s and on point to demonstrate his determination in pushing deep into territories where he fell short in 2016.

The best of the best was on display with the President knocking former vice president Joe Biden over his glaring corruption and conflicts of interest surrounding his son, Hunter Biden’s role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

The President also spent time exposing the anti-American rhetoric of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and put her anti-Semitism on full display before the media and her home state.

Here is the complete video of the rally, it’s worth the watch for a sample of how the President intends to tackle the Democrats in 2020, and how he hopes to continue building momentum and keep his supporters motivated:

The President hammered Joe Biden, asking at one point where his son has gone since he’s clearly been hiding and avoiding the media. Trump suggested printing up some “Where’s Hunter?” t-shirts to make the point that the media is blatantly ignoring one of the biggest corruption scandals of the prior administration.

While the inside of the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis was cheerful and upbeat, the streets outside were anything but. Anti-American and anti-Trump protestors gathered outside, basically mulling about calling law enforcement “pigs” and throwing objects at them.

At certain points, some fo the police on horseback had their horses nailed with flying debris thrown by the Antifa rioting thugs.

Here’s a sample of what was happening in the streets of Minneapolis during the President’s rally:

As a viewer, I think it’s easy to decide which side you’d like to belong to. The virulent anti-American, anti-law enforcement side throwing bottles and lighting things on fire, or the upbeat pro-American crowd who loves the country, loves the flag, and respects our tradition of free speech and free expression.

In many ways, the juxtaposition of protestors outside the rally trying to shut down the free speech of thousands of American citizens was a great contrast to where the future of this country is headed.

The modern Democratic Party believes in shutting down all speech that does not adhere to a certain viewpoint. These masked protesters, with their hatred toward the rule of law, demonstrate where we’re headed if Democrats take power and this Marxist, left-wing contingent gets any power.